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If you decide to stop and walk or hike near the waterfalls keep these safety tips in mind:

  • Wear mosquito repellent or you’ll be eaten alive.
  • Park completely off the road.
  • Beware of the irrigation ditches…they have steep sides and if you fall in, you could join others who have died.
  • These waterfalls are in wild territory.  Footing can be treacherous.

Waterfalls are listed in the order you encounter them as you drive into Hana.

Waikamoi Stream Waiakamoi
Near mile marker #10
There is a small waterfall (which could be dry) and pool next to the road. If you hike in a little ways, there’s a larger fall.
Puohokamoa Falls
Mile marker #11
A smaller fall is beside the road
Hike 10 minutes to a larger fall
Picnic Area available
Lower Puohokamoa Falls
Haipua'ena Falls on the Road to Hana

Haipua’ena Falls
Half-mile past mile marker 11.
Smaller falls are below the road.
Hike above the road to larger falls
(after the bridge)

8/10 mile past mile marker 16
Below the road
Also caled Ching’s pools or
Blue Saphire Pools
Palauhulu - Chings Pond or Blue Sappphire Pools
Waiokamilo Stream


Wailua iki
Wailua Iki Waterfall
Kopiliula Falls Kopiliula 

Pua'a K'a Falls
Hanawi Falls Hanawī Falls
View this just past Mile Marker #24

Helele’ike’oha Falls
(Blue Angel, Blue Pool)
Turn ¼ mile beyond mile marker 31
Contrary to what a controversial guide books says, the path to these is private
property. Please obtain owners’ permission prior to going here.

Helele'ike'oha Falls on the Road to Hana
alaalaula waterfall on the road to hana Alaalaula waterfall
Just after mile marker #46
Be cautious as the path is very slippery

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